MacLegion Fall Bundle Includes MacFamilyTree 6.2.15

Update: The MacLegion bundle is no longer available.  You can click on one of the links and sign up for a future email, or just keep an eye out for the next one.

MacLegion just came out with it’s Fall Bundle*, which includes a good genealogy program called MacFamilyTree, as well as 10 other very useful programs like MacJournal and AppFresh, all in one nice package for $49, less than the cost of MacFamilyTree by itself.

Have I mentioned how much I like Software Bundles?

As a longtime Mac user, I have oh too vivid memories of the times not so long ago where few stores carried any Mac software at all, and then only with a small selection and exorbitant prices. Now, Apple Stores carry modest selections priced at Suggested Retail Price.  But who needs to buy software in a store where the included media probably has an outdated version of the program?

Software is better bought online.

When you buy online, you can download the current version, try out it in demo mode, then pay for a serial number to unlock all features if you like it. Alternatively, for modern Macs, the Mac App Store provides an online marketplace for developers to offer software to the Mac buying public. But for those of us who prefer to maintain our own MacOS ecosystem, Software Bundles have emerged as one of the best ways to get good deals. I bought some of my favorite programs in bundles for a fraction of their standard cost.

Generally, a few of the apps in a bundle are high end, with prices up to $200-300 if bought seperately.  Then, a lot of less expensive apps are added, many which turn out to be very useful. Months later, I occasionally say “I want to <insert project or task I’ve never tried before, like cataloging all of my books>,” and find that I already own a commercial quality application to do exactly that project.

The Software

The big  bundle benefit for genealogists is of course MacFamilyTree. An affordable alternative to Reunion is always welcome. This one comes with a range of visual displays and charts that make it a helpful tool when you want to show others what you’re working on, like printing out trees for family members.

In the non-genealogy specific area, MacJournal alone is worth the price of the bundle.  I used it for years before Evernote came around. It has a mature feature set that allows you to easily publish journal entries to any of the major blogging platforms, and includes support for other post formats like podcasts. There is no reliance on those services being accessible in order to write, making it a great application for those folks who are still suspicious of the cloud.  Plus you can sync different journals to different blogs, or not at all.

MacLegion has convenient options for serial code management, including a way to download all serial codes directly into 1Password (another app I bought through an app bundle). All in all, it’s a nice selection of apps for $49.

Update: The MacLegion bundle is no longer available.  You can click on one of the links and sign up for a future email, or just keep an eye out for the next one.

* The links provided include a referrer’s code. If you buy the bundle through that link, I will get a small commission (a girl never minds a little extra to help pay the bills). However, the information I write would be the same even without a monetary benefit (and I wouldn’t take it personally if you skip the bundle or buy it without my referrer’s code).