SCGS Jamboree 2013

My twitter feed is going going nuts again. I can’t help it. I’m attending the Genealogy Jamboree put on by the Southern California Genealogical Society.
If you follow me on twitter, you’ll be able to keep track (or ignore, if you know how to work your twitter client well enough to exclude tweets) by noticing the hashtag #scgs2013.

It’s my third year attending. And it may be my favorite conference (I probably say that about every conference I attend). I started my first, and then my second/current blog during the Jamboree. And twitter is where I generally got hooked on any event, this one included. That’s just how I roll.
It’s going to be a very different crowd this year compared to my first, due to the odd choices we all have to make about which conferences we attend, particularly those of us with kids.
In my own instance, my hubby and I recognized early that this would be my last opportunity to attend a fair number of different conferences because of my son’s school schedule. He’s entering Kindergarten in August 2013. It will be much more difficult for my husband to drop him off and pick him up from school when school ends over 3 hours earlier in the day. Knowing this, I took the opportunity to attend more conferences this spring than I’d generally attempt. Not everyone has that luxury and I’m very thankful.
The faces may not all be the same, but I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun (SCGS puts on a good event), learn lots (many good speakers are on the schedule, including ones that don’t teach outside of Southern California, as well as national speakers who don’t mind trekking to Burbank) and network with some amazing people (geneabloggers, holla!).
Please forgive a plethora of tweets, or make sure to follow me at, if you don’t already. Thursday was the DNA day long event, where the Jamboree proper will be Friday through Sunday. From the advance schedule, I’m expecting to attend classes primarily taught by Judy Russell (the Legal Genealogist) and John Schmal (to fill my brain with info on Northwestern Mexican research) and I’m publishing this from the Blogger Summit with some outstanding bloggers in the community.

I’m unlikely to blog much during the conference (not that I blog a lot at other times). You can keep up with me on twitter and hopefully, I’ll come home excited and with more knowledge and skills to help my clients.