Record retrieval:

I obtain genealogically relevant records from libraries, archives, or courthouses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area when you don’t have the time or travel budget to do so yourself.

  • Birth, marriage, death records from a county clerk.
  • Probate records or divorce decrees from a county courthouse.
  • County histories, books or microfilm from a local library.
  • Land or burial research, including photos of grave sites.
  • Hourly fee + expenses. Most documents require 1-2 hours.
  • Flat rate and quick turnaround for Alameda and San Francisco “informational” vital records.

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Other Services:

Document Retrieval Trips:

Travel to Salt Lake City, Portland, and various regions of California is scheduled regularly, as are occasional trips to Portland, Chicago, Denver, Washington D.C. A “No Rush” discount applies, when you’d like me to get something on an upcoming scheduled trip and don’t mind waiting up to a year.

Note: You must be able to give me the location and other pertinent details of the record. If you don’t have specifics, you need Research (see below).


I am not accepting clients for research projects at this time. If you’d like suggestions of other researchers in the area, consider a local genealogical society such as California Genealogical Society, or look for another professional researcher in the APG directory of professional genealogists.

Kim Cotton. Genealogist.
Traveling to libraries when you can’t.

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