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Location, Location, Location

As anyone will tell you, the three most important factors in real estate are location, location and location. No doubt, any genealogist will likely tell you the same.

What this means is you can not go very far in any family history without location becoming a crucial element in you research. Location features in every census, birth or death record. Newspapers may report on national and regional events, but the ones genealogists care about tend to focus on more narrow locations: a city or sometimes even a neighborhood, which will include the details of residents that might hold a sliver of the story of our ancestors lives. Continue reading Location, Location, Location

Welcome to Walking Your Tree

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the Internet.  This is a place to read about my travels, process, and within the bounds of privacy and copyright, my findings as I research genealogy for myself and others.  I hope it is educational, entertaining…or at least not mind-numbingly boring.

What is Genealogy? 

I’m glad you asked!  At its very base, it is the study of family connections.  Fundamentally, genealogists research how people are related. As you might guess, that means we place a lot of emphasis on finding vital records — official documents like birth, marriage, and death certificates.  But modern genealogy includes so much more.  People want to know more than simply when their great-great-grandmother was married — they want to know who she wasContinue reading Welcome to Walking Your Tree