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Settling In

Hopefully, you’ve been settling in at my new space.  Nothing comes quickly between preschool field trips, gen. society meetings, client work, and making dinner, but each evening I plug away at little details to make this space a little more lived in and comfortable.  Compared to WordPress.com, WordPress.org self installs are a little overwhelming in the sheer number of options available.

I’m a researcher at heart. I take that approach with consumer and technology decisions as well as genealogical research so I don’t typically just “try out” new plugins on a whim.  As a result, there are a few functions still missing from the website though they will be included sometime soon.  One is a biggie that might necessitate choosing a new theme.

The extra good news is that over the next month or so, one of my favorite folks in genealogy circles, DearMyrtle, is hosting a series of webinars on WordPress, including .com and .org issues.  I’ll be listening and hopefully I’ll be able to bring some new knowledge to the website table.  One way or another, you may come back at some point and find quite a different look.  Hopefully it will all be for the better.

Till then, happy tree walking…